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We'd love to help you out, here are some of the questions we get from you and some answers too.

Why is the print on the back?

The whole idea behind Spurtee is to empower others, so when you are having a good day you wear your Spurtee and make someone else (behind you) feel better too. You share your #spurteepowers, and at the same time you build your own inner powers.

Where does the name Spurtee come from?

It’s a make-up between two words; Spurt or Spur and Tee. Spurt means rush, like in short distance running but you can also read it Spur as in drive someone forward. And tee, of course is short for t-shirt.

Where is Spurtee located?

Spurtee was founded by Mina Lindman in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017 so this is where we are located physically. Our shop is only available online but you can always follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We are always there for you!

What’s your stand when it comes to sustainability and organic clothing?

We take a stand and collaborate with companies that take those questions seriously. We work in close collaboration with Gröna Tryck, based in Umeå Sweden, a leading supplier of organic and fair-labeled profile products. All prints made by Gröna Tryck are free from phthalates. We also buy from for example Stanley & Stella and Continental Clothing, both companies known for their organic fair wear and also their work with sustainable fabrics with ethical credentials.

Why do you only have Women’s Clothing?

We believe in doing what you are best at and knowing your target group, and we are women that really believe in empowering other girls and women out there. We think it’s important to encourage girls and women to dream big and to make those dreams come true. We also love sisterhood and the strength behind it, and we love to create cool clothes that we can wear ourselves.

Where can I buy a Spurtee?

At this point your chance to get your own Spurtee is to buy it online, and you also have to live in Sweden since we only ship to Sweden. We are preparing for launch in other countries during 2018 though. At some rare occasions we attend events, or give away Spurtees and we have plans for more physical appearance as well. We love to  meet our customers and would love to sell Spurtee in more places. Don’t hesitate to contact us at with ideas on where you would like to buy your Spurtee!

Do you only sell sweaters?

Yes, we started off with different kind of sweaters because we wanted to make printed sweaters with powerful messages on the back. This is our main focus right now.

What kind of materials do you use?

We try to be creative and always look for fun, new organic materials to use. We are a big fan of modal that we use in our sleeveless tops, it’s a fantastic material, supersoft, keeps you cool and made out of beech (also 100% decomposable). We also use tencel, another fabric made out of trees (often eucalyptus or spruce). We are looking into some cool sweaters in bamboo, jackets in 100% recycled polyester and when we use cotton we only use organic cotton. 

Do you have any additional questions? Please, don't hesitate to contact us at any time at We'd love to hear from you!

//Your Friends at Spurtee