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The story.

Dream it. Do it. Drop it.

It takes a lot of courage to go from dreaming about something to actually do it, but it is almost as hard and challenging to have the guts to quit. When we started Spurtee we had a very clear vision of what we wanted to accomplish but somewhere along the way the passion got lost and the vision was blurred. It didn’t feel like us anymore. We started doubting our own concept, and it didn’t feel authentic.

So, instead of struggling in the wrong direction we decided to drop it, to put Spurtee to some rest. There are still things that we believed in at the start, that we still believe in and want to try so even though Spurtee is dead in this shape, something else is growing and might see the light of day.

Spurtee started as a way to empower women in a fun way

Spurtee started out of an idea of finding a fun way to empower girls and women and encourage them to just go out there and do it! We think it's important to have role models and to be inspired, but also to pass it on.

That's why we also decided to have the prints on the back - the person wearing our shirts will empower others, give them that little extra spurt, but also build more inner powers at the same time. You share your #spurteepowers and get more inner powers!

Our first prints were BELIEVE IT. BE IT. and DREAM IT. DO IT because they also tell the story about our founder Mina Lindman. She dreamed of starting her own business, she believed she could and one day she quit her job as a CEO and just did it. You can do it too!

Our name says it all - to encourage others when wearing our tees

And the name? The brand name comes from the two words “Spurt” or “Spur” and “Tee”. To spurt means to sprint like you do in short-distance running, and the idea is that you get an extra spurt when your read the message on the back of someone wearing our shirts. But you can also read it as Spur, with the meaning of encouraging someone. And, tee is of course short for t-shirt.

And, at last, we say farewell not good bye

Thank you to all our friends of Spurtee out there, it’s been amazing and we don’t say goodbye, we say farewell for now.

If you love what we do and want to get in touch, drop a line or two