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The Spurtee Persona

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An important part of the journey ahead is to really carve out the Spurtee persona - a vivid image and feeling of the powerful woman I see wearing Spurtee. Is it a runner, a yogi, a crossfitter, a surfer, or a boxer?

I think what I envision is someone with a holistic approach to training, a strong woman not afraid to build muscles and to sweat. She likes to combine different activities to get the best and most healthy results; muscle training one day, running the next to keep that heart pumping, and then some yoga for flexibility. This is a woman that wants to be active when on vacation, and then adds on some surfing, climbing, or skiing just for the thrill.

She eats well and healthy, but is not fanatic, I mean eating well also means enjoying what you like and if that is a coffee and a croissant in the morning, so be it.

My Spurtee persona takes on her career with the same approach, strong, powerful, goal oriented but she needs to feel good and happy at work or she will not take it. She is at the right place in her life right now because she knows what she wants and gets it. And now, she is also ready to share her success formula with others. 

She wants to give power to get power!

Is this you or someone you know? It would be fun to hear your thoughts.