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Preparing for launch!

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Hectic days before summer is approaching since we are launching two new collections.

We start with Runner's Collection, I am happy to offer some jackets this time as well. I am very proud of this collection, I think it looks great and the message is powerful and inclusive (not revealing it yet..).

Also, to do a Runner's Collection was my first goal but since I live in Sweden the timing wasn't right in November (imagine rain, cold and darkness for 4 months..not the right climate for running).

But as always, sometimes it's not a bad thing if what you have planned doesn't happen when you thought it would. I don't think I would have come up with this design in November, because now I know so much more, I am more confident and I know my clients a bit more. Hopefully it shows!

And again, look at our models, almost brings me to tears how powerful, generous and cool they are. They are doing this in ther spare time because they really like Spurtee - can't believe how many people out there that are supporting me and us. And our photographer for this shoot jumped in on a very short notice and did an amazing job, so thankful. I will keep this feeling with me throughout the week.