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On hold.

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Summer is approaching and due to some problems with our Runner's Collection I decided to withdraw the entire collection and now I will be putting Spurtee on summer vacation for a few months. Of course you will be able to buy from our shop, our fab Summer Collection is available and looking stunning, but we are putting further actions on hold.

I went to an event last week arranged by w.empowerment and had the chance to listen to two impressive and inspirational female founders from Coatally and Dashl, and I realised a few things: (1) I have just started and it takes many years to build a company, (2) many of my problems are really minor, and (3) I have a lot of ideas but I lack direction. The latter makes it really hard to stay focused so I want to take some time figuring out where I am heading with all this. I need to trust myself, but first I have to dig a little deeper.

I know what I want to achieve - I want to push, encourage, inspire girls and women to be brave, to fail, to succeed, to just do it! But right now I am not sure which of many ways I want to choose. Like the Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland) said: If you don't know where you are heading, it doesn't matter which way you choose... I think I'd like to know a little bit more about where I am heading.

To be continued. Spurtee will rise again!