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Plans ahead for Spurtee.

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When 2017 began I had no idea that I would go from CEO to starting my own business and building a new brand. I dreamed about it, and now I am doing it. Amazing feeling.

It has been a bit harder than I imagined, I think a was both naive and overly positive - nothing wrong with that, things will just take a little bit longer than I had expected. I think that the feedback from you all has encourage me to keep doing this, but I also need to face reality and think of smart ways to have an income in combination with building up my business.

What's in my plans for the first half of 2018? Exciting things. I will attend Yoga Games in Stockholm in February, it's a great way to meet you all and also launch some new prints inspired by Yoga. I also plan to launch a Runners Collection, preferable together with some influencial person that also love Spurtee and what we do.

I will keep looking for partners, both brands and people, to collaborate with and also different kind of networks and events to join. 

I need to solve the cash issue and I also have an exciting idea regarding an app that I will look into, and maybe try to get som funds to develop.

I hope you will keep joining me on this journey, and that you will all get many Spurtees next year!

Last but not least, I'd like to wish a Merry Christmas and A Very Happy & Strong New Year!