We are Spurtee. We create powerful sportswear for powerful women. We believe in the idea that by supporting others you build your own inner powers. Welcome to the Spurtee family.

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Yoga is a lot about your breathing, but it's easy to loose focus and forget about something as simple as inhale, exhale. So remind yourself and others to breathe, but don't forget that yoga is also about happiness! 

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Featuring kick-ass women with lots of power but also with the strength of empowering others. Our Power Collection comes with two powerful messages and will be sold exclusively in Sweden in a limited edition.

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Out and about

I have been really busy since my last post, attending events and starting to gig as a consultant.

The Spurtee Persona

An important part of the journey ahead is to really carve out the Spurtee persona - who wears Spurtee?
Spurtee sportswear for powerful people. Founded by Mina Lindman. Believe it. Be it.

The story behind Spurtee

Spurtee started out of an idea that people with real inner powers are those that also love to support others. By wearing our sportswear you share your #spurteepowers!

About us
Gröna tryck is a a leading supplier of organic and fair-labeled profile products.

Behind the (green) printers

We work in close collaboration with Gröna Tryck, based in Umeå Sweden, a leading supplier of organic and fair-labeled profile products.

web page (in swedish)
Joel Wretblad is our fabolous and talented photographer, specialized in Urban Silhouttes.

Behind the camera

Our fabulous pictures, urban silhouettes and fantastic portraits are all a result of the work of Joel Wretblad.

Joel's portfolio
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